Our per patient treatment Fees are listed below. Premier Shockwave invoices the treating facility, hospital, or ambulatory surgery center. Premier Shockwave will not invoice insurance companies or patients.


Unilateral Tendonopathy procedures:$1,500.00
2-Unilateral Tendonopathy procedures:$2,250.00
Bilateral Tendonopathy procedures:$2,250.00
Unilateral AND Bilateral Tendonopathy procedures:$3,750.00
2-Bilateral Tendonopathy procedures:$4,500.00
Non-Union procedures:$2,250.00


dermaPACE® per procedure fee, per treated location:$345.00
Installation and Initial Training & Certification, one-time fee:$2,500.00
Quarterly device rental, includes service & maintenance:$6,000.00

Patients may have multiple wounds treated in a single session, and each wound shall be subject to a separate charge as a separate dermaPACE® procedure.

dermaPACE® and OssaTron® are registered trademarks of SANUWAVE Health, Inc.

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