Shockwave Therapy for Diabetes

DermaPACE® provides quick treatment for diabetes wounds

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SANUWAVE’s proprietary and patented, Pulsed Acoustic Cellular Expression (PACE®) technology emits high-energy, acoustic shock waves, via an electro-hydraulic source, that restores the body’s normal healing process.

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“The dermaPACE generates focused high-energy shockwaves creating a significant amount of cavitation. This unique application excites the subdermal vascular plexus to stimulate angiogenesis in recalcitrant wounds. From my use of the dermaPACE, the results are a miraculous regeneration of granulation tissue and production of extracellular matrix along with a faster maturation phase and collagen production. This is a highly potent combination of non-invasive intervention with huge upside in rapid wound closure with minimal complication.”

Alberto Abrebaya, DPM, DABFAS, FAPWCA
Current & Past Affiliations: Tuba City Regional Health Care, Gallup Indian Medical Center, William Bill Kling VA Clinic

“Results using SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE® System has exceeded my expectations in treating diabetic foot ulcers. We put dermaPACE® to use on complex DFUs that hadn’t responded to any other advanced modality in my clinic and are impressed to see the improvement leading up to complete wound closure. We are now planning on using dermaPACE® earlier in the treatment regimen, as a beneficial response treatment of chronic DFUs so that these patients’ wounds heal faster and avoiding advancing to a more serious stage.”

Kerry T. Thibodeaux, M.D., FACS
The Wound Treatment Center at Opelousas General Health System
Opelousas, Louisiana

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